Icebergs Morning Shine - 319F *PICK UP ONLY*

$850.00 $1,100.00


Bondi Beach, NSW

Date shot:

4th May 2014


Panoramic White Shadowbox Frame 124cm x 54cm 

Shadow boxes are our preferred style of presenting Aquabumps images in frames. Shadow boxes best suit larger works as the frames are thicker and have more presence on the wall as there is a gap between the image and the glass/Perspex front.



Reconditioned chipped frame - top righthand corner. 

This artwork is part of an exclusive offer. As such; this artwork is sold as is, and unable to exchanged, returned or refunded under any circumstances. Any questions regarding the artwork's condition, dimensions, or framing style please get in touch with us directly on (02) 9130 7788 or via email:


Pick up from Bondi Gallery only.

151 Curlewis St, Bondi Beach NSW 2026

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